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Nanjing blue shield waterproof engineering co., LTD

Our company is a production and service ability of nanjing window waterproof company,Our long-term maintenance as required(Maintenance and repair)Waterproof seepage control engineering,The anti-corrosion insulation construction,Indoor and outdoor decoration,Water and electricity installation and so on business。 The company has always been cultivate employee's dedication and sense of mission,Company of flat type management is to avoid the management of delayed due to various management business opportunities,As well as cooperation with our customers to save valuable time。 The company was founded in2aa000Years08Month05Day,9Over the years,The company relies on strong technical strength,Rich experience in production,Is committed to applying new technology to product research and development and production。The male...

Our company mainly do waterproof seepage control engineering、The anti-corrosion insulation construction;External wall cleaning、Cleaning services;Indoor and outdoor decoration;Water and electricity installation。Engaged in all kinds of building waterproof project construction and waterproof engineering maintenance,A10Years of work experience,Professional let us has more strong industry competitiveness。Service to companies and schools and private housing maintenance,Get consistent high praise。With the same quality and low price,The same price of good quality,Timely follow-up service, etc,All make every effort to meet customer demand。Welcome new and old friends to come to negotiate business。Give us a chance,We will cooperation forever。

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